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Swanny Rose encapsulates the complete songwriting and entertainment package with her ability to flow seamlessly between unique original music, fan-favorite cover songs and even distinctive improvisation when the moment strikes her.

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You can find Swanny Rose with several duet partners around the Upper Midwest and around Minnesota’s Twin Cities area. She regularly performs in her variety husband-and-wife duo, This Is How We Duet, with blues guitarist Joe Flip, and with Singer-Songwriter Karina Kern.

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Swanny Rose also has a blast rocking with her full band, Swanny Rose and The Buds  (formerly BIG Sexy) and sharing the stage with two other all-star female vocalists, Jen Urbach and Erica Hanson, in Girls Night Out: A Tribute to the Superstar Women of Country!

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Whether performing solo or with others, Swanny Rose is sure to be moving her dancer’s body freely and energetically while simultaneously projecting an enormous sound which often blows audiences away. Her talent with other instruments, skill at sound and light engineering, and powerful songwriting adds to the unforgettable experience for fans and performer alike.

Swanny Rose’s musical tastes run the gamut of genres available in today’s ever-expanding artistic world, and each sound is reflected somewhere in the finished product of both her live cover shows and in her songwriting. In one performance, Swanny Rose takes you on a musical journey showcasing her love of soulful blues, harmony-driven folk, intense growling rock, sexy and sultry r & b, funky disco, word bending hip-hop, and even sing-along-dance-along country!


Currently Swanny Rose is also hosting and producing a Youth Singer-Songwriter Living Room Acoustic Showcase at Anahata Collaborative in Uptown, Minneapolis featuring some of the best talent under 21 years old in the Midwest!


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