I’ve had such an incredible year and can’t wait for more changes to come my way in 2019! Here’s a few highlights:

I’ve lost 25 pounds and gained a new healthier mindset, I performed with folk legend Loudon Wainright III at the Cedar Cultural Center, I found out my brother (best man at my wedding) is engaged and planning his own marriage, I began writing and performing…AND recording…my original music again after a very long hiatus, I joined a great new band and formed a really special new band of my own, I rediscovered my passion for cooking and my kitchen and freezer are feeling the love, I lost a best buddy to pet heaven, performed at the BUZ’N 102.9 (now, The Wolf 102.9) stage at The Minnesota State Fair, I played track shows for the first time with a new duet partner and made great strides with my husband and wife duo, I joined the awesome non-profit, volunteer-run Midwest Country Music Association which has been a true blessing in my career, made a ton of new friends and grew my personal and business networks, and generally found out that despite dealing with regular challenges that everyone faces, my life is pretty amazing and I am lucky to be living it. Thank you to everyone who has helped make it wonderful!

XOXO’s Love Swanny Rose 💖⚘💖

Swanny Rose performing her original “love” song “Ode To Jameson” at The Cedar Cultural Center opening for folk legend Loudon Wainright III.

Swanny Rose recording her original song, “My Pearl” with Inside Insomnia Productions in Waite Park, MN.

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