I’m so excited to give my fan-mily a preview of my very first single, “A Parent’s Prayer,” on Sunday, May 26th. To hear this EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN, tune into the BOB FM Homegrown Show with Brian Powers from 5pm-6pm CT.

To listen locally in Minnesota, tune your dial to 105.5 (St. Cloud), 106.1 (Twin Cities), or 107.5 (Faribault). To stream anywhere (or to hear the archived show) go to

This is such a special moment in my 33 year performance career. And I am lucky to have worked with two of my favorite humans in fulfilling the vision I had for this recording. This morning I heard the final mix and blubbered through the whole thing – that’s how I knew it was perfect.

Who are these two amazing humans, you ask?

Firstly, my husband and musical soul mate Matt added a simple, warm bass line that feels like a hug and a heartbeat with his rich tone and gentle pulsing pattern. His unending encouragement, support and talent have helped to push me to focus more on my original music and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Second, my engineer and one of my all-time favorite percussionists added his skill at recording and his simple, thoughtful percussion to complete my rustic vision for “A Parent’s Prayer.” Kyle Primus of Inside Insomnia Productions is amazing inside and out – if you ever need an engineer who can masterfully produce anything from Americana to Metal, he’s your guy!

Thank you to everyone who has helped make me the performer I am today. I appreciate your time, talent, love and enduring support. Without my fan-mily there really isn’t any purpose to living the creative life. I create for you all and hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor!

“A Parent’s Prayer” will not be available immediately for sale, as I plan to release an EP with some of my favorite creations together, hopefully later this year. So keep your eyes peeled and be sure to tune into my interview on the BOB FM Homegrown Show with Brian Powers on Sunday as you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

XOXO’S Love Swanny Rose ⚘


I’ve been so happy to be a part of the Midwest Country Music Association for the last year; I’ve made new friends (who possess amazing talent), grown my professional network, played at amazing new places, and had a ton of fun doing it all!

Our latest Midwest CMA adventure brought us all to Route 47 Pub and Grub in Fridley, MN, where almost 50 members of the organization were Mixed-Up into different bands for a night of friendly competition featuring a theme we all had to follow.

This year’s theme was Movie Soundtracks. Our band “Dirty Duets” performed music from the classic film, “Dirty Dancing,” including “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” and “Love Is Strange.” We also performed one country wild card song, a newer hit by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson called “Don’t You Wanna Stay?”

Last year my band won the inaugural event, and though my band didn’t “win” this year, I absolutely won playing with some of the finest gentlemen in the country music scene.

Make sure to follow the “Dirty Duet” crew:

Drummer Grant Thelen, Bassist Derek Patrin, our Lead Guitarist Joe Flip and my fellow Lead Singer, Mark Stone. They are all incredible and you’ll love what they do in their own daily musical endeavors!

And now… Click the link to check out videos of our live performances on Midwest Music TV.

Thanks, as always, for supporting independent musicians!

XOXO’S Love Swanny Rose ⚘

What’s coming up for Swanny Rose along with the flowers this year? Read on to find out!



I’m so excited for warm weather! In Minnesota, it means we can start to venture outdoors after braving arctic temperatures for the last 6 months or so…

Some of the best parts of sunshiny spring and summer days include grilling and sipping cool drinks, beach days and camping trips, weddings and holiday reunions, and of course… LIVE MUSIC on a patio, under an umbrella with great food, family and friends.

I have some super fun warm weather events coming up, so be sure to check back on my Swanny Rose CALENDAR often! Some I’m really looking forward to are PT on The Patio with PT/Paul Thomas from 102.9 The Wolf at Psycho Suzi’s in Minneapolis, and the Anoka County Fair in Anoka, MN.


I’m also looking for unique venues to perform at this year…If you’re interested in hosting a NO-COST-TO-YOU ORIGINAL MUSIC HOUSE CONCERT, please CONTACT ME HERE for more details and to choose a date.

For those of you who need to know all about House Concerts now, here’s the cliffs notes:

I provide sound (and appropriate lighting if needed) and perform 2 sets of original music I’ve created as a songwriter. You provide the space, invite the guests to attend, and offer any drinks or munchies of your choosing (or suggest a pot-luck feast!) Host Hump Day Happy Hour, Swanday Funday, or whatever you can think up.

If you’re wondering how I get paid…Each guest is encouraged to tip or donate whatever they deem fair for their “ticket” to the show, either in cash in person or via my secure PayPal, with no fee for the host – unless you choose to tip me as well 😉! Just sit back and enjoy the show!


I am looking forward to performing at as many Songwriter’s Showcases all around the Twin Cities Metro area as possible. I have several booked already, including a few with my friends in the Midwest Country Music Association and one in Wyoming, MN at the Hallberg Center For The Arts. There are some cogs turning for me to host Songwriter’s Showcases as well, so I’ll share more info as plans develop!

Thank you, as always, for supporting independent musicians like me! Every like, share, comment, listen, view, tip/donation, high five, hug, word of encouragement, suggestion and job I am hired for is appreciated and never taken for granted. It means the world that you all contribute to my ability to do what I LOVE and I am honored to have you in my fan-mily!

Happy Spring! Cheers to many warm music-filled days ahead!

XOXO’S Love Swanny Rose ⚘


20190210_180745.jpgI had a great time hanging out with Brian Powers on Sunday February 10th as his co-host on the 106.1 BOB FM Homegrown Show. If you missed it, check out the podcast from the full show below!

For more–>CLICK HERE to watch the Swanny Rose Facebook Livestream of the song performances during the second half of the show.

Or you can CLICK HERE to watch Part 1 of the BOB FM Homegrown Show Livestream or CLICK HERE to watch Part 2!



What a week!


I was honored to be selected as a nominee in the “Maverick Category” [along with Sherwin Linton, Poppa Bear Norton and White Iron Band] for the first annual Midwest Country Music Association Awards Show which will be held at Medina Entertainment Center on Sunday, February 17th, 2019.

You can Buy Tickets to this Black Tie Event HERE (GA $20, VIP $50). Please come check out the amazing Midwestern talent represented by the Midwest CMA…you will not be disappointed!


Today I was asked to join host Brian Powers on 106.1 BOB FM for the Homegrown Show on Sunday, February 10th, 2019. Join us LIVE on Facebook worldwide or Live On-Air on 106.1 in the Twin Cities from 5-6pm CST.

I’ll be sharing about my journey in the music business and my approach to original songwriting, as well as performing some of my favorite songs that will be included on my upcoming album, being recorded (at my own damned Maverick pace 😉) with my dear friend, Kyle Primus, of Inside Insomnia Productions. Here’s a sample of what we’ve been working on:

I hope that you join me for these special events; I’m so excited to share them with y’all!

Happy Friday!

XOXO’S Love Swanny Rose ⚘

I am So. Extremely. Excited! Squeeee!!!!

I just found out I am nominated in the Maverick Category for the Midwest Country Music Association’s 1st Annual Awards Show, which will be held at Medina Entertainment Center in Medina, MN on February 17th, 2019. Tickets are available HERE!

2019maverick (1)

This is such an honor for me and as I write this post, it feels as though my heart is going to explode and my fingers are shaking so badly it is difficult to type!

I was lucky enough to be part of the winning band at the inaugural Midwest CMA’s 80’s themed Mix-Up! What a blast! [From Left to Right: Kevin Qualy-guitar/vox, Lindsay Olson-vox, Donnie Doyle-drums, Shane Martin-guitar/vox, Swanny Rose-vox/hand perc, Matt Huttner-bass/vox. Photo by: Jenny Phillips of Creative JAM.]
Here’s the short version of my story:

At the ripe old age of 35 (just kidding, I won’t complain about my age!), I recently completed around 32 years of performing in the creative arts. I started as a ballerina in my birth state of Rhode Island and my path slowly lead to music, which has now been my career for around the last 10 years.

I’ve been blessed to dance, sing, choreograph, record and play with so many talented and amazing artists (I literally can’t even count them all). I’ve also had the chance to perform at some truly amazing venues for wonderful audiences all over the Midwest, and have made incredible friendships with fans, colleagues, and venue staff and owners.

While it’s not a glamorous life like some might think, I am able to support a modest lifestyle while doing what I love. The best part is that I get to share it with others who love creativity as much as I do. And the constant support of my craft from others is an honor I do not take lightly.

Thank you to everyone who nominated me for this very special award. And thank you, as always, for supporting independent artists!

XOXO’S Love, Swanny Rose ⚘

PS. One of my duet partners, Joe Flip, and my former band, Girls Night Out: A Tribute To The Superstar Women of Women Of Country were also nominated! Congratulations to them all!

PPS. Make sure to BUY TICKETS to the awards show. Over 30 Midwest CMA members will be performing live! That’s a whole lotta talent, and I promise…it’s going to be spectacular! 💖