First Swanny Rose Single – EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW – On BOB FM Homegrown Show With Brian Powers Sunday 5.26 @ 5pm!


I’m so excited to give my fan-mily a preview of my very first single, “A Parent’s Prayer,” on Sunday, May 26th. To hear this EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN, tune into the BOB FM Homegrown Show with Brian Powers from 5pm-6pm CT.

To listen locally in Minnesota, tune your dial to 105.5 (St. Cloud), 106.1 (Twin Cities), or 107.5 (Faribault). To stream anywhere (or to hear the archived show) go to

This is such a special moment in my 33 year performance career. And I am lucky to have worked with two of my favorite humans in fulfilling the vision I had for this recording. This morning I heard the final mix and blubbered through the whole thing – that’s how I knew it was perfect.

Who are these two amazing humans, you ask?

Firstly, my husband and musical soul mate Matt added a simple, warm bass line that feels like a hug and a heartbeat with his rich tone and gentle pulsing pattern. His unending encouragement, support and talent have helped to push me to focus more on my original music and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Second, my engineer and one of my all-time favorite percussionists added his skill at recording and his simple, thoughtful percussion to complete my rustic vision for “A Parent’s Prayer.” Kyle Primus of Inside Insomnia Productions is amazing inside and out – if you ever need an engineer who can masterfully produce anything from Americana to Metal, he’s your guy!

Thank you to everyone who has helped make me the performer I am today. I appreciate your time, talent, love and enduring support. Without my fan-mily there really isn’t any purpose to living the creative life. I create for you all and hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor!

“A Parent’s Prayer” will not be available immediately for sale, as I plan to release an EP with some of my favorite creations together, hopefully later this year. So keep your eyes peeled and be sure to tune into my interview on the BOB FM Homegrown Show with Brian Powers on Sunday as you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

XOXO’S Love Swanny Rose ⚘

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