When You’re Smiling, The Whole World Smiles With You!

Hey humans of the world! I’ve missed you all and am excited to share this update. It turns out that amidst all the happenings of 2020, I’ve been doing some changing of my own.

“When You’re Smiling”
A Capella Version by Swanny Rose

For the last few years, right up to the Covid shutdown in March of 2020, I had been going hard. I rarely took breaks, I rarely had an open weekend or spent time with my family, and I hadn’t truly taken the time to reassess my actual needs or wants as a human, woman, friend, family member or wife in what feels like eons. To put it bluntly, I was exhausted and severely out of touch, despite the joys of hitting so many high notes in my creative career.

And anyways, let’s face it… career success is only a portion of leading a successful life. If you are lacking in other ways, it will begin to show. While you may not notice, chances are, the people who love and care about you will probably see the chaos embroiled inside or possibly leaking outside of you. Thankfully, my ‘people’ are kind, loving and understanding, so I’m happy to report that as the world is slowly re-opening, I am slowly reincorporating myself back into my whole life, rather than just my ‘job’ life.

You may be wondering, ‘What does that look like?’ To be completely honest, I’m not sure, but I am trying to give myself grace to discover what it will look like, both for the long and short term.

A few items of note:

🌟 I’ve spent more quality time with my husband and our families and have especially enjoyed playing with my adorable nieces and nephews. I even helped set up new furniture with my brother for his new home, which was an awesome experience. This is stirring up longing for a family of my own, so a tiny RoseBud may be in my future sooner rather than later. We shall see!

🌟 I’ve been cooking a lot (as always), and baking a ton (this is new), and enjoying my free time trying new recipes. This week’s adventure will include a no-bake key lime cheesecake that I am so stoked to make! I’m even going to make my own sweetened condensed milk for the recipe!! Some other yummies I’ve made include a lemon-ricotta cheesecake, rice krispie bars, and a banana cake that I decorated with a banana-slice flower. I’ve been working on perfecting my egg-cooking, but I’ll be damned! For some reason its so difficult for me and I just don’t have the kind of consistency I want yet. And I’m thinking this might just be a lifelong battle! Lol! On the other hand, my steak cooking is getting to be pretty exceptional and that’s exciting!

🌟 As for my musical journey, I’ve spent countless hours mixing both singer-songwriter and instrumental tunes I had previously recorded. With the unexpected time off, I’ve been able to approach these songs with fresh eyes and ears and it has truly been a blessing in disguise. I would never have been able to dedicate time to them with my old routine. As soon as they are ‘right’ I’ll be releasing them for purchase and streaming. This has been a fun learning experience and I hope that everyone enjoys the fruits of my labor.

🌟 Obviously live shows were off the menu during the shutdown, and thanks to the unexpected break, I have decided to cut way back on my bookings for the remainder of the year. I have some shows that are still on the calendar, but this is a big area I am exploring and reassessing. I’ve been reluctant to admit it, but I’m enjoying the ‘normal’ hours I’ve been following and going back to working late nights and weekends just doesn’t feel as exciting for me. (I must be getting old. Lol!) My intention is to move the majority of my performances to online forums and do more regularly scheduled shows for tips, likely via YouTube, Twitch, Instagram or Facebook. I have a Patreon page as well (you can become a paid subscriber for exclusive content at various levels), but haven’t completely committed to a format I’m comfortable with just yet, therefore it remains unpublished.

🌟 I want to continue to grow my Swanny Rose KIDS Show, so if you’re interested in hiring me to play fun and kid-friendly music (both original songs and classic and modern faves) please contact me at your convenience. I will be developing a more consistent online program for your kids to follow as well. Now you can enjoy a picture of me as a kid with my Mom and Brothers doing a favorite family activity – hiking! Judging by this photo, we were probably tired of my Dad taking pictures. Lol!

🌟 I am also interested in offering more ‘services’ to my fan-base and clients including jingle-writing/advertising, singing telegrams and personalized songs. I really want the opportunity to connect with folks in a more personal way and to support their individual needs. Plus, the challenge of creating for others is always inspirational and fun for me.

🌟 I have been walking almost every day and have been focusing on connecting with myself through excercise and spending time in nature. It was absolutely amazing this year to experience the blooming and budding during spring and watch the literal daily transformation into summer. I loved taking pictures of particularly beautiful plants and animals, and I’m looking forward to seeing the progress into fall. In truth I’d rather have 70 degrees farenheit in perpetuity, but I’m in Minnesota, so I’ll just accept the insane weather and move on.

🌟 I have a few other concepts I’m developing that I hope to reveal soon. None of them involves music, and I’m super excited to share them with you once everything is in place. Keep your eyes peeled. And no, its NOT drawing, painting, etc. See the evidence below for why I stay away from those types of artistic mediums. Ha!

Thanks for reading friends, family and fans! I hope life is treating you well, and if you’re going through a rough moment, know that I’m thinking of you and sending you a Huge Hug!!! Keep on smiling!

XOXO’S Love Swanny Rose ⚘



Venmo: @swannyrose

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