Newest Single ‘Ecstasy’ Now Available!

It makes me feel pure ecstasy to announce that my newest single – and first of 2021 – is now available for download or streaming on all of your favorite platforms!

My single – ‘Ecstasy’ – was created in a complete whirlwind; I literally wrote, recorded and uploaded the single to my distribution company ALL IN ONE DAY, and it was exhausting!

To put it in perspective, I’ve spent several full work days just mixing vocals for other songs…so you can imagine I was seriously in shock when I sat back and realized what had just occurred. But I truly love the song and hope you do, too!

It has a totally different vibe from my previous releases and I had an absolute blast creating it. It’s actually paved the way for a slew of electronically-based pop songs that I am very excited to share with you all in the near future.

Some will be on a new album that I hope to release in the next few months, though I really hate to date-set and have no specific plan as of yet…sorry! A few others will be released as singles.

The album, which will hopefully be my first full-length release, will feature songs only in the Key of C. However, I have included both major and minor scales for some variety.

It feels good to have the ability to create so many different motifs to share with my Fan-mily! I know so many of you follow me because you appreciate my unique mish-mashed brand.

And I genuinely appreciate you all for supporting me, as I love to write and cover music from all genres, eras and walks of life! Its wonderful to have a Fan-mily like you!

Cheers to a new year! May 2021 bring you loads of ecstasy 😘

XOXO’S Love Swanny Rose ⚘

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