The Apple Of My Eye!

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th, 2018 – Pleasant Valley Orchard – Shafer, MN


It couldn’t have been a more beautiful and perfect day if I could have imagined it myself!


Despite a little rain, the last day of September 2018 was a beautiful day to behold! I had the privilege of playing a Swanny Rose solo set at Pleasant Valley Orchard in Shafer, MN.


Apple orchards are easily in my top 5 places to visit. I’ve looked forward to my family’s adventures to local orchards each year since I was young and could easily sit on my Dad’s shoulders and pick the biggest and highest apples.


We’d typically share a loaf of bread, delicious meats, yummy cheeses and lots of cider (or wine! Shhh, don’t tell!) on a picnic blanket and of course, we’d snack on fresh picked apples, too. (Gotta make sure they’re good, right?!)


Getting a chance to perform at Pleasant Valley Orchard was extra special for me since I spent many years watching performers brave the cold to share their passions and always admired their fortitude and their talents.


It was incredibly sweet to see all the families having fun and reminisce about my childhood while playing. Even the young apple trees were inspiring; it’s beautiful to know that another generation of children will get to experience the joy that picking nature’s candy will bring. Plus, you can’t forget the baby chicks, hay rides and pumpkin patch, too! So much fun!


I was especially joyful having my husband in the audience and as my support team. My amazing MFFL (man friend for life) helped to produce my show and even changed the TWO guitar strings I managed to break while performing! He’s the greatest MFFL and I really don’t know what I’d do without him. After the long drive home, we finished off the day at a local pub with a body-warming dinner, a smile inducing on-tap root beer float, and some lovely conversation. Like l mentioned, the day couldn’t have been any more wonderful!


Hope you’re all enjoying your favorite fall activities with your loved ones! Share your stories and pictures in the comments! ⤵ I’d love to hear them!

XOXO’S Love, Swanny Rose ⚘


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