Look Up!

I had a good friend share an observation about our society the other day. He commented about how we don’t pay attention to the little things anymore. We forget there is a big ol’ world out there that dwarfs our tiny span of focus, which is dwindling more and more with the passing days; technology has clouded our ability to see the simple beauty all around us. He shared with me that it inspires him to watch a fellow co-worker look up at the night sky without fail each night when he crosses the threshold of the company. He doesn’t pull his phone out immediately, or run to the car and zoom away at warp speed. He takes the time look up and observe the beautiful sky that is always there sparkling above us each night.

tree on the way to the mountain
Digital Painting by Swanny Rose

It reminded me of the days as a young girl when my family spent nights in sleeping bags on our back porch watching shooting stars, or laying in the grass in summer with my mom imagining all the shapes we saw in the clouds were real dinosaurs, flowers or airplanes. When I wrote the song posted below, I was thinking of those simpler, kinder, more connected times. It’s my musings about taking a moment out of your hectic life to look up at the clouds or the night stars, or look left or right at the human you love standing next to you, or look behind you and make sure you have not left destruction in your life’s wake. Please, just take ta few minutes for yourself today and look up!

Listen here! ⤵

“Cloud-gazing” by Swanny Rose

What did you see when you looked up today? Share a photo or your story in the comments!


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