Memories Because It’s Almost My Birthday!

If you want to hear how I like to celebrate my birthday just click the link ➡ Midwest CMA Showcase – ft Swanny Rose [w/ Erica Hanson, Karina Kern & Benjamin Raye] @ The Dog House – Maplewood, MN – Nov 6, 2018

This Friday I’ll be 36 years old. Its hard to believe, but I have been performing for nearly 34 years!!! I often feel I am dreaming, but I am fully aware of the absolute blessing it is to be able to perform for a living. I could not do it without your generous financial contributions (booking shows via, leaving tips @, your copious amounts of encouragement, requests, clapping and cheers, and most important of all – your love.

Here’s some more memories…and make sure to watch the original show in the link above!


One of my favorite shows this year hosted by the fabulous Mandy James. The Minnesota State Fair did not disappoint (duh!) and playing The Wolf stage was a true highlight!

KIDS Show PSA: my favorite new show is… Wee Wednesdays at Midtown Global Market in Minneapolis, and I’ll be there the 3rd Wednesday of every month in 2020, so mark your calendars!

Interview and In Studio Performance at The Homegrown Show on BOB FM with my friend, Host Brian Powers while previewing my first single, “A Parent’s Prayer.”


With hostess who does the absolute mostest, Laurel Hay, and a couple other performers from the Half Moon Rising Songwriter’s Showcase
Playing Duets with the amazing Elijah Adam!

Midwest CMA Mix Up Band “Dirty Duets” covering two duets from Dirty Dancing and a current country hit duet. These guys were like instant brothers and it was an honor to share The stage with them. [PS. The show was a straight banger! *Don’t ask, just believe!* 🤣]

With Street Talk at Berne Wood Fired Pizza – amazing band, amazing crowd and amazing wood fired pizza (they sold over 800 that night!)

With The Alex Zackary Band belting some Aretha! These guys are always a blast @

My fabulous Duet Partner Joe Flip doing an amazing solo in this super fun wedding crowd!

With Ted Hajnasiewicz and Nigel Egg at an amazing songwriters showcase! These guys are stellar and hilarious!
Being featured regularly on The Wolf’s Hometown Country Show hosted by my buddy PT and playing the Hometown Country Stage and The Wolf booth at the Minnesota State Fair.

Recording MY original songs!! But, my darling Fan-mily, hold your pants on for the releases, because I’m takin’ my sweet time! 😉

Playing a handful of shows with my all-time favorite Duet Partner, Mr. Rose. 💙💚

THANK YOU FAN-MILY for supporting me through the years! You rock!

XOXO’s LOVE, Swanny Rose ⚘

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