So its been one crazy year, and I’ve had an especially busy summer, but it culminated in one very special showcase at 102.9 The Wolf’s booth at The Minnesota State Fair — a massive amalgamation of crunchy, greasy, and ooey-gooey foods-on-stick, craft everything from beers to blankets, talented local and national musicians on practically every corner, plenty of vomit-inducing carnival rides and the most amazing people watching on planet Earth — where they smashed attendance records for 2019.

I was feeling so lucky to be a part of this blue-ribbon season with my return to the 102.9 The Wolf Stage. My dear friend DJ PT – Paul Thomas debuted my first single released on their station just in time for Fair Promo on the Hometown Country Show! I finally got to hear my beautiful song live on the radio!

My new T-shirt says: “You heard me on 102.9 The Wolf”

It was also an honor to have the evening hosted by the one and only DJ Mandy James. Apparently I’m the first artist she met in MN and it was her one year anniversary of getting hired at the station. A cool moment in her-story for sure!

Me with the radio rockstar Mandy James!

In keeping with the first ever Swanny Rose original release, I played 15 of my original compositions at The Minnesota State Fair and enjoyed every second of sharing my creations! Some songs I played for the 200th or so time, others were debuted right there on that stage. The best part was having my very best friends (and their adorable kids) and my amazing family there to support me. 💖 Thanks SO MUCH to those people, who ought to know who they are!


And after all the #musiconastick, its time to toast the fall weather moving in, maybe with a little apple cider?! I’m getting ready for what’s becoming an annual show at Pleasant Valley Orchard on September 14th. Join me for two different shows (rain or shine – music is under a tent): 1-4pm will be a mix between my KIDS Show and my usual set, geared more toward families. From 5-7pm I will be showcasing more adult-friendly music (but please don’t worry, it’ll still be ok for the kids! 😉) I’m super excited to perform and then take home a bag of apples to cook copious amounts of my homemade applesauce!


What’s your favorite Fall activity? Share in the comments! ⤵⤵

XOXO’s Love Swanny Rose 😘⚘

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